One roof upgrade. Massive payoff.

Improve the R-Value of your home! Spray foaming your roof can save you money, is low maintenance and lasts a lifetime. It’s the most cost-effective and easy way to protect your home today. Garrity Insulation is certified and licensed across all spray foam applications. We will evaluate your home to choose the solution that will best meet your needs—and we’ll likely save you hundreds of dollars while we’re at it.

Garrity Insulation has been servicing the state of New Mexico as a roofing insulation contractor for more than 30 years, and our management team delivers a collective experience of more than 80 years in construction and insulation. Our quality control managers are hands-on with every single project, resulting in an extraordinary level of service and satisfied customers throughout Albuquerque.

Invest in long-lasting protection from the elements, enhanced comfort!


Spray Polyurethane Roofing Foam

Spray foam is the best roofing investment on the market. It’s seamless, lightweight and extremely durable. Reduce your heating and cooling costs, while you increase your R-Value.

Elastomeric Coating

Protect spray foam with elastomeric coating — scratch resistant and resilient to water and humidity ensures spray foam will last a lifetime! Come in a variety of color choices.




90% of homes in the US are under insulated.

  • Without a proper insulation system, other energy-efficient items in the home may not perform as intended.

  • Whether your home is new or old, it’s important to determine the amount of existing insulation. Our experts will conduct a thorough assessment to identify areas in your home that require more insulation and air sealing.

  • Invest in your home by upgrading your insulation and reduce costly heating and cooling energy bills.

Stop air infiltration.

Air infiltration is a major cause for high home energy bills. Today there are many techniques to help seal off these costly leaks and alleviate these problems.

Reduce heating and cooling costs.

A home’s energy efficiency rides on proper air sealing, insulation, moisture control and ventilation. Air sealing efforts will compliment these efforts, and vice versa.

Invest in your home.

Make your home more attractive to potential buyers. Most buyers list energy-efficiency as a prime consideration in their purchase.

Go green.

Insulation prevents the depletion of Earth’s natural resources. It decreases harmful air pollutants in the atmosphere, and most methods use recycled glass or renewable resources such as sand.

Build smart.

A home is typically your biggest lifetime investment. Ensure proper insulation or upgrade during the build process to ensure your new home will be energy efficient.

Take Charge of Your Energy Savings!

Garrity Insulation delivers practical, cost-effective solutions for saving big.