Save Money

Insulation keeps your home warmer in the winter, which lowers your heating costs. In the summer insulation keeps your home cooler, which eases the load on your air conditioner.

Unless your home was constructed with special attention to energy efficiency, adding insulation will probably reduce your utility bills.

Even if you own a new home, adding insulation may save enough money in reduced utility bills to pay for itself within a few years and will continue to save you money for as long as you own the home.

Installing proper insulation levels can also make your home more attractive to potential buyers. In fact, most buyers list energy-efficiency as a prime consideration. The reason? Buyers know they can buy a more expensive home if heating and cooling bills can be kept down.

Other Resources:

Visit NMGCO.COM to see if you qualify for a rebate of up to $500 on your attic insulation upgrade.

Financial incentives are offered in many states for the purchase and installation of insulation. Find out about incentives available in New Mexico or go to for your state.

Also, there are tax incentives for the cost of insulation. See the Federal Tax Incentives information