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Fiber Glass Insulation

Fiber Glass insulation offers innovative solutions. Whether you're building a new structure or retrofitting an existing home, each of our insulation products is designed, tested and proven to provide superior performance and energy efficiency for the life of a home. We implement the only complete line of certified Formaldehyde-free™ fiber glass insulation, providing improved indoor air quality by reducing exposure to formaldehyde.

Blow-in-Blanket® System (BIBs) is a patented process consisting of fiber glass loose fill blown behind a special netting material. Perimeter Plus Blowing Insulation is used in both new and existing structures as a Blow-In-Blanket System for closed cavity applications in which ventilation is not required. Perimeter Plus Fiber Glass Blowing Insulation is BIBS approved and can only be installed by BIBS certified installers to ensure the highest quality installed performance.

Features and Benefits:

  • Excellent Thermal Properties
  • Fills all gaps and voids, creating a thermal barrier against outside air and better temperature control
  • Resists heat flow with an R-value of R-15 in 2 x 4 construction
  • Resists heat flow with an R-value of R-23 in 2 x 6 construction

Fiber Glass Blowing Insulation is typically installed in open attics of both new and existing structures. It can also be used in retrofit closed-cavity applications such as exterior sidewalls or floored attics. Loose-fill blowing insulation is intended for use where pneumatically installed insulation is most cost-effective.

Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) Insulation

Why Spray Foam? Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) is the ideal method for insulating commercial and residential buildings. Spray foam stops air and moisture intrusion, cuts energy bills, strengthens the structure, and protects the internal air from mold, airborne pollutants, and allergens, thereby creating healthy buildings. Spray Polyurethane Foam is used for wall insulation, roofing spray foam insulation, and a full line of specialty coatings that are used for thermal and moisture protection, roofing, waterproofing, abrasion resistance, and other applications. SPF products enhance the total building envelope to provide sustainability, durability, energy efficiency, and improved occupant comfort.

Closed Cell Foam - seals the building envelope to create an optimal energy efficient environment. CC insulation is recommended for non-vented attics, ceilings, floors, foundations, piping, and non-vented crawl spaces. CC is a 2 lb. density and offers an aged R-value of 6.9 per inch.

Open Cell Foam - technology offers a complete air barrier system. Buildings insulated with OC provide occupants a quieter and more comfortable indoor space. OC adds significant energy efficiency value by filling open voids, cracks and crevices during installation. OC insulation is recommended for walls, attics, ceilings and floors. OC is a 1/2 lb. density and offers an aged R-value of 3.9 per inch

Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) Insulation Roofing - when used with elastomeric coatings, creates a complete roofing system that insulates, protects, stops leaks, adds structural support to the building, and cuts the amount of radiated heat into the building, thereby cutting energy costs. SPF for roofing is a rigid,3 lb. density closed-cell plastic created by a combination of two liquid components, which react in seconds and can be walked on in a matter of minutes. The resulting roof system provides superior insulation and creates a lightweight, seamless, waterproof blanket over the substrate. Spray foam adheres to almost every surface (BUR, metal, cap sheet, EPDM, and others), so there's no need to tear off your roof when its reached the end of its life-cycle. Merely spray on insulating spray foam, coat it with elastomeric coating, and you have a new roof! Elastomeric coatings come in a variety of types, including acrylic and silicone, and a variety of colors as well. Elastomeric coatings create the perfect finish for your roof.

SPF Sustainable Roofing Benefits

  • Stops Leaks
  • Adds Superior Insulation Value
  • Offers Exceptional Wind Resistance
  • Reduces Building Movement
  • Adheres to a Variety of Surfaces
  • Light Weight
  • Free of Asbestos
  • UL and FM Listed
  • International Code Council (ICC) Compliant

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